Welcome to Swiss Community Care Society, QLD Inc.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide relief, assistance, support and social contact for needy, seniors and lonely members of the Swiss community in Australia and people of Swiss-Australian nationality or background and their families and dependants.

What can the society do for you?

  • Visit the sick in hospital and provide support and encouragement
    for those in difficult circumstances.
  • Keep in touch with elderly and lonely, and promote contact with
    other persons in the community.
  • Provide financial assistance in cases of hardship, and assist with
    identifying other sources of support.
  • Promote good fellowship among the Swiss and Swiss-Australian
  • Provide mutual support network.
  • Contact older members of the community on their birthdays
    and Christmas.
  • Raise awareness of the needs of people in less
    fortunate circumstances.
  • Draw the attention of senior members of the community to the
    activities of the Society.

What can you do for the society?

  • Alert the Society to cases of hardship of a physical, emotional or
    financial nature (your confidentiality will be respected).
  • Let the committee know if anyone needs contact or assistance.
  • Sign up, become a financial member of the Society, and get involved.
  • Make a donation, which is tax-deductible.
  • Join the volunteer group, and promote contact with people in need.

President: Franz Braun (07) 3878 9597
Vice President: Marianne Bucher (07) 3841 6239
Secretary: Erika Vincent (02) 6672 8591
Treasurer: Anita Bickel 0457 457 211
Email: sccsq@swiss.org.au 

Committee Member for the Sunshine Coast:

Ursula Sheldon (07) 5443 4272
Suzanne Dolle (04) 408 191 537

Committee Members:

Silvia Alini (07) 3848 7519
Rita von Rotz (07) 3314 8344

Postal Address:

SCCS, c/- Erika Vincent, 181 Kunghur Creek Rd. Kunghur 2484

Email Address: sccsq@swiss.org.au

Membership fees

The Swiss Community Care Society relies on the continuous support from its
Membership fees are due on the 1st of July each year.
Please send your payment to our treasurer:
Anita Bickel, PO Box 642, Kenmore QLD 4069
Thank you for renewing your Membership

Single members $15
Couples $20
Corporations $ 100
Single Life membership $150
Couple Life membership $225